UGLYisNOTgood all began during a lively mid-afternoon conversation in a small office with a tiny group of co-workers in 2008. Working in the web design and development community, the site was really more just a form of personal entertainment in the beginning….

Realizing the vast amount of entertainment it could provide to all, the site has been updated to be more interactive for you, our beloved visitors. You can now leave comments on the site, rank the sites on their UGLY factor, even submit your own UGLY findings.

We’ll be starting random contests so you can reap the benefits of your hard work looking for those UGLY gems. Cool prizes, gift certificates, geeky apparel, etc.

UGLYisNOTgood is intended for anyone that wants to have a good chuckle, respite from their mundane office job, or be flabbergasted by the ridiculous content that is out there on those INTERNETS. It is a unique collection indeed… ever-growing and always unexpected.