Pedal Power Bike Taxi

Pedal Power Bike Taxi

Submitted on: 24 Mar 11

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“Totally unreadable and non user friendly!”


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  1. James Simpson

    I owned the website, and the guy who put this up here was a complete idiot…..he was pushy, demanding, and then claimed he was interested in my products………but he wasn’t interested because I was not interested in his mainstream advice.

    My site is ad free and he wanted to advise me to use his site of choice to design a better one……It was pop-up crazy, had a lame template selection, and featured absolutely nothing for service.

    Take his advise, cause he’s right… I suck at what I do…….That’s why I just got a sale because the daughter of the buyer thought my music and flaming cursor was cool!!!

    This guy was a comic book argument….hit me up for the rofl arguments we had!!!!

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