Submitted on: 16 Nov 09

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Category: Advertising,Technology

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“Repeating background of the domain name.
Patterned text.
Text on text.
Pink and Purple text boxes.”



  1. Fishy

    Looks like they forgot to change the font color. At the bottom of the homepage, it’s a dark purple background with black text.

  2. Gonzo

    My favorite part is that they do online marketing!

    “If you’re looking to make money, using the power of the Internet, ADNet2010™ has a marketing plan for your business projects… Whether it’s text, or including short videos, any companies can benefit by web-based marketing.”

    Good™ thing™ they™ trademarked™ it™!
    One more. ™. Okay, now I’m done.

  3. Gonzo

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